Tip Top Alaska Mix - West Coast Seeds


Tropaeolum majus. Tip Top Alaska mix Nasturtium seeds produce cream-on-green foliage with single yellow, orange, and deep red flowers, clustered in compact 30cm (12") mounds. Tip Top Alaska series will stay compact so they are perfectly suited to containers. Plant Tip Top Alaska mix Nasturtium seeds in hanging baskets, raised beds, or as companion plants in your organic vegetable garden. These compact Nasturtiums are very bushy, and do not form the long vines found in some other varieties. The foliage is extremely decorative, and the flowers, leaves, and seeds are all edible. Nasturtiums are drought resistant and suitable for xeriscaping.


    • Hardy annual
    • Yellow, orange, and deep red flowers
    • Compact 30cm (12") mounds
    • Cream on green foliage
    • Single flowers cluster