Maintenance And Installation Services

Design And Project Management

Outdoor spaces are the first impression for your home or business.

Flower beds, green grass and healthy trees are cost effective way to present a quality impression on your visitors.

Whether growing the smallest flower from seed or a building an entire park, we know what it takes to create beauty in one of the worlds harshest climates.

All of our designs and solutions take into account your current and future needs. Ensuring adequate drainage, access, growing conditions and natural effects of life in Manitoba.

We work with our own crews and quality contractors to build and maintain year round.

Services Available

- Commercial Property Maintenance


- Premium Residential Maintenance


- Design and Management Service

Silence and Simplicity

We are proud to offer fully electric maintenance services.

Our mowers and trimmers operate much quieter than the average gas machine while producing zero emissions.

Service availability is limited at this time. Please contact for more information.

Commercial Clients