Strawberry Hill Rose - David Austin


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 Blooming in small clusters of mid pink, medium-large, cupped rosettes. They give off a strong, myrrh and heather honey fragrance. The climbing and arching branches are draped in a glossy, dark foliage that compliments the light pink petals. 

Zone 4

Bloom Size


Bloom Colour

Mid pink


Strong, Myrrh

Year of Introduction



Short Climber 10ft


Own Root

Flowering   English Climbing Rose

Repeat Flowering

Petal Count


David Austin Roses were not developed for Zone 3. BUT it is possible to have success here in Manitoba by following a few key tips. 

You have three options, you can enjoy your David Austin Rose for a single season. You can plan to bring your potted David Austin Rose into a warmer winter environment, or you can plant it into the ground.

Choose a location that is not in line with strong north winds

Plant the crown (this is where the roots end and the woody shrub begins) of your rose 6”-12” below the surface of the soil. As your shrub will be in full leaf at time of purchase you can clean off leaves that will get buried if you like.

In the fall you will need to cover with a deep layer of mulch. Wood mulch, straw, leaves or a combination of all. Use a burlap tarp (Not Plastic) to cover and hold down with rocks or stakes. This will ensure the mulch is not blown away. A full wheelbarrow or more per rose is not out of the question. Throughout the winter direct your snow clearing efforts to cover your roses as well. The more insulation the better.

Don’t remove the tarp and mulch until night temperatures are consistently hovering about zero to +3 with no threat of deep freeze, as we sometimes see in April.

We hope you enjoy growing your David Austin Rose.