Fundraiser Info

Easy for Organizers

You call us with your organization name and your expected order size. We give you a code and agree on a delivery date. 

No organizing sheets and compiling orders.

We bring you your profit cheque and a breakdown of the orders on delivery

Easy for Members

Members shop the fundraiser products on our website from a group specific tab and at checkout enter the code for their group. The order is then automatically added to the master order for the group.


Competitive Pricing

We charge our standard retail pricing for fundraisers. No markups or hidden fees.  

Profit Breakdown

Gift Cards

15% Profit

Our gift cards can be purchased through the website and added to the master order. They can be redeemed at out retail store in Ile des Chenes or online. 


Annuals and Perennials

25% Profit
We have over 50 years experience growing and selling only the highest quality bedding plants and perennials for retailers across Manitoba. With over an acre of automated growing space we have the quantity and quality to handle any size order.
For Organizers:
  • Our website has all our products (including Gift cards) with photos and descriptions ready and waiting, no PDF order forms and pamphlets to hand out.
  • Simply send us an email with your expected order size and we can set your delivery date and a unique code for your organization to enter at checkout. (EX: baseballteam2020) we then compile all the orders with that code and deliver the product on the predetermined date. 
  • Each customer pays us directly upon ordering and we pay your group the percentage of profits on delivery. We also provide a spreadsheet with a breakdown of the total order and taxes involved.
  • The group is responsible for organizing each individual order.
  • Certain products such as fertilizers and hardware are not eligible for fundraiser profits.
  • We do not accept organizations unless they can anticipate over $1,000 in orders. If your order does come in under the limit we will charge a delivery fee which is calculated based on delivery distance.