Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea



Flowers, foliage, and easy care - Double Play® Blue Kazoo® spirea has it all!

Your search for a colorful, versatile, easy to grow shrub for your landscape ends at Double Play Blue Kazoo spirea. Its cool blue foliage emerges in a range of shifting hues through the season: red, pink, purple, and green. In early summer, very large white flower clusters appear. Like other spirea, you can count on Double Play Blue Kazoo to look great while needing minimal care. It grows well in lightly shaded conditions (four-six hours of sun or filtered light all day), and is generally unbothered by deer. Not fussy about soil or watering. 

Light Requirement: Partial Sun to Full Sun

Mature Size:

  • Height: 2' - 3'
  • Width: 2' - 3'

Zone: 3

Photos courtesy of Proven Winners