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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Green Zebra Organic tomato seeds yield wildly popular, beautiful fruit that are chartreuse in colour with deep lime green stripes. Green Zebra is an easy to grow mid-season tomato. Plants mature late with prolific yields of tasty fruit 4-6 cm (1.5-2") round. Skin is smooth, interior texture is firm and pulpy. Green Zebra organic tomatoes have an amazing, unique rich taste commonly described as sweet with a complex zing. A favourite of gourmet chefs, use Green Zebra to enhance the flavour of salsas, salads, soups and entrees. Also enjoy fresh from the garden for a zesty snack!

Green Zebra organic tomatoes were developed by heirloom breeder Thomas Wagner in the mid 1980's from 4 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Vines show some resistance to Septoria Leaf Spot. For best flavour allow Green Zebra organic tomatoes to fully ripen on the vine. A slight yellowish blush in colour and a firm feel with a bit of "give" are signs the fruit is ripe for picking. Fruit will taste bitter if picked too early, and if left too late may become mealy.

Indeterminate (vine)

Matures in 75 days (Hybrid seeds)

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