Convallaria Majalis - Lily of the Valley


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Easy and adaptable, this will even grow well in tubs or mixed containers. A favourite for growing as a ground-cover in shady areas, be sure to Protect from afternoon sun. Plants form a spreading clump of large green leaves, bearing short spikes of fragrant white bells in late spring. 

Takes a year or two to establish, then spreads quickly. May go dormant in summer.

Tolerant of poor soils, even dry shade, but prefers a rich, moist soil.

 CAUTION: Toxic if eaten.

CAUTION: Do not discard unwanted plants in any natural areas, as they will establish themselves and become invasive.


Blooming Season


Light Level

Part to full Shade


10-15cm (4-6'') 


22-30cm (9-12”)


22-30cm (9-12”)

Zone (If applicable)