Seed Pack

Amsterdam Cutting Leaf Celery - West Coast Seeds


Apium graveolens secalinum. This cutting leaf celery is like the European cousin to our Summer Kintsai Celery. Both are grown for their leaves, not the crunchy stalks. Amsterdam Cutting Leaf Celery is a Dutch heirloom that is used traditionally to flavour soups and stews. It has larger leaves than stalk celery, and these can be harvested a handful at a time, as needed, rather than cutting the whole plant. The flavour is also more pronounced, a little bit similar to Italian parsley. The stems are hollow and can be quite fibrous, but they are excellent for making stock. This annual plant deserves a place in the herb garden.

Matures in 80 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Sow seeds no more than 5mm (¼”) deep, 3 seeds per pot, and thin to the strongest plant.