Roma Tomato


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This classic tomato is best known of its uses in making tomato pastes. Features few seeds and a rich, meaty interior. This variety is also commonly used for making sauces and ketchup. This productive plants bear 85 g pear-shaped fruit and boast disease resistance.

Suggestions: Keep tomatoes away from all members of the Brassica family: cabbage, cauliflower, etc. Eliminate blossom end rot problems by deep watering the plants so that the root system will be less affected by fluctuations in soil moisture.

Photos and Information courtesy of: Mckenzie Seeds

Bloom Season

Spring/ summer


Red/ Green


Full sun - Part sun


20- 30cm (8-12'')


20- 30cm (8-12'')


60- 80cm (36- 40'')

Hardiness Zone



Used for canning, fresh eating and cooking