Winnipeg Humane Society Fundraiser

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Home Winnipeg Humane Society Fundraiser
Home Winnipeg Humane Society Fundraiser

Welcome and thank you for supporting the Winnipeg Humane Society with the Garden Centre! 

We have partnered with the Humane Society for a very special fundraiser. There are two ways you can support the WHS:

1. Purchase a Gift Card
Gift cards will be electronically emailed to you right after your purchase. You may redeem it online or in-store anytime, on any products.

2. Purchase Hanging Baskets
Purchase select hanging baskets for curb-side pick-up at the WHS Saturday, May 15th between 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. If you do not see WHS under the curb side pick up option you may have selected an item that is not eligible.
Please bring a copy of your order confirmation when picking up. All eligible items can be found below. 

Please do not select delivery as it does not apply to the WHS fundraiser.

Orders must be made between April 5th – 30th, 2021.

Use promo code “WHS2021”.

25% of hanging basket proceeds and 15% of gift card proceeds with the code “WHS2021” will be donated to the WHS.