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The Stir Fry Blend mustard seeds have been a signature West Coast Seeds mesclun mix for years. It's the perfect blend for super-fast growing in containers or winter cold frames. The blend includes komatsuna, pac choi, Choi sum, bau sin, red kale, giant red mustard, southern giant curled mustard, shungiku, and tah tsai. None of these seeds require warm soil for germination, so they are prime candidates for fall, winter, and spring growing. Plant this seed blend densely for microgreens or baby salad greens, or space these plants well to let them develop to full size. Treat as a cut and come again crop, and expect at least two harvests.

    • Delicious and makes for a nutritious meal
    • A perfectly blended range of flavours
    • Space plans well to let them develop to full size
    • Delicious cooked or raw
    • Perfect for winter harvests