Fraser Fir Christmas Trees


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The Fraser Fir are a perfect option for those sensitive to smell as their bluish-green needles give off a mild fragrance. This variety tends to be a one lasting option for those decor-lovers who have endless amounts of ornaments to fill the branches with. The branches angle slightly upwards, giving the tree a perky, cheery look that’s sure to impress.


Due to the nature of live trees and the process of selling online we have to keep the trees bundled until they are delivered. Because of this we only sell the highest quality trees available so you can be confident in your purchase.

If you have any hesitations or would like to choose your perfect tree in person, our garden centre will have opened trees available for your choosing starting the last week of November. You can even pick your tree, tag it, and have it delivered for only 12.95!

* All Trees are a Final sale, with no exceptions!