Philodendron Birkin - Tropical Houseplant


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A rare stunning house plant with dark green and light yellow variegated leaves 

Keep soil on the looser side while still making sure it retains water. 

Water when the soil is on the verge of become dry, don’t wait until the soil is all dried up 
Excess water needs to be able to drain properly to prevent “wet feet” which can lead to root rot 

They thrive in sphagnum peat moss-based soil

They like bright indirect light

Avoid long periods of direct sunlight as it can lead to leaves falling off 

To much shade and darkness can lead to too much spacing between the leaves and the stems will start to sag 

They require 12 hours of indirect light per day 

Using a grow light in the winter and other seasons 12 hours a day, your plant will grow faster

This plant will thrive in a warm humid area