Peony Celebrity


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Give each peony plant enough space to grow to maturity without being crowded. That means a 3- to 4-foot diameter for each plant. Choose a location that is sheltered from strong winds. The large heavy blooms of this plant can cause the stems to flop over during heavy rain and inclement weather. Your peonies will benefit from some type of support staking. Plant them well away from other trees and shrubs, since they don't like to compete for nutrients and water.

Peonies like a good chill in the winter. In order to set their flower buds, peony roots should be planted relatively close to the soil surface—only about 2-to 3-inches deep.

Bloom Season

Spring/ summer


pink bi color


Full sun - Part sun 


45-60cm (18-24'') 


30-60cm (12-24'') 


60-90cm (24-36'') 

Hardiness Zone



Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

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