Ornamental Millet


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Tall Dark and Handsome, Ornamental Millet has purple foliage when grown in full sun which makes for a beautiful addition to planters and landscapes alike. Grows over 1 metre tall so be sure to place in the back of beds or planters to add some darker tones.

We carry Purple Majesty and Jester varieties, Both sold in 4" Pots.

  • Full Sun ☀️ Part Sun 🌤
  • Height: ~ 1 Metre
  • Width: ~ 35cm

Purple Majesty: More consistent colour, stays purple once in full sun and finished summer with a bronze hue.

Jester: Starts off with a Mix of green and Burgundy colour leaves before it slowly changes to a purple-bronze like the purple majesty towards the end of summer.

Photos and Data Courtesy of Ball Horticulture- https://www.ballseed.com