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Hakurei turnip seeds produce gourmet turnips that are smooth and pretty, and with tidy tops too! Roots and smooth, dark green leaves are best used in salads. Japanese breeding produces uniform, globe-shaped roots with snow-white skin and a crisp texture. Plant short rows frequently so the fresh roots and tops are available to you from spring to fall, and so your whole turnip crop doesn't come at once. Hakurei turnips can be harvested straight from the ground quite late into the fall. If frost is in the forecast, cover the turnips with heavyweight row cover or burlap. Or harvest the remaining roots and store them indoors in a cool, dry place. Root cellars are ideal.

Matures in 35 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Pure white skin and flesh
    • Excellent flavour
    • Matures in 35 days
    • Staff & customer favourite