Grass Seed


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Sourced from Canadian companies and designed to succeed in our extreme climate.

Sold by the pound: 1lb = Approximately 60 Square Feet

Sun Mix: All grass seed is a mixture of 3-4 different grasses (all of which look similar) to allow for even growth across varying amounts of sunlight. Our Sun Mix can handle 90% of lawn seeding situations.

Shade Mix: Of course some areas get less than 2 hours of sunlight, even in the heat of summer. In this case we suggest using a shade mix, it has a different blend of grasses that can handle low sunlight situations.

Once grass seed has germinated (cracked the “shell”) it must stay moist until the roots have grown deep enough to draw moisture from the soil. 

It only takes one hot afternoon to kill the seed so plan ahead for what your sprinklers can handle. We suggest seeding multiple small areas that can be watered consistently, as opposed to large areas where some might get missed. 

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