Graceful Grasses by Proven Winners


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Ornamental Grasses can add height, colour, and texture to flower beds and planters. in the correct conditions they can grow nearly a metre tall.

Don't let their height fool you though, they are massive wimps and cannot handle our harsh winters.

King Tut and Prince Tut are the same Egyptian Papyrus. Prince Tut is in a more compact size.

Available in 1Gallon pots 

Mature Heights

  • Baby Tut: ~ 60 cm
  • Prince Tut: ~ 115 cm
  • Vertigo: ~ 115 cm
  • King Tut: ~ 175 cm
  • Skyrocket: ~ 76 cm
  • Fireworks: ~ 76 cm
  • Purple Fountain Grass: ~ 90 cm