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Matricaria recutita. Organic German Chamomile Seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC petite daisy-like flowers that nod on a low plant. To better harvest the flowers, it is best grown in a bed by itself. German Chamomile prefers cool weather so sow in early spring and again in late summer. Gather flowers before they fully open. Fresh or dried, use them for a soothing tea or in many medicinal preparations. German Chamomile has a tendency to self sow but is easy to control and does not grow aggressively. It is highly attractive to bees, hoverflies, and other beneficial insects. The flowers are edible whole or simply with the petals sprinkled over salads. Our organic German Chamomile seeds can be used in xeriscaping as the plants are quite drought tolerant.

Hardy annual

    • Gather flowers before they fully open
    • Use fresh or dried for soothing teas
    • Petite daisy-like flowers nod on a low plant
    • May self sow
    • Certified Organic