Digitalis - Foxglove Candy Mountain


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This is a unique selection of Foxglove, bearing tall spikes of glowing rose-pink bells, each with darker freckles on the inside over a rosette of downy green leaves. Unlike other varieties, the individual flowers face upward so the effect is very colourful and showy. 

Excellent in large containers, and acts as a biennial, flowering in the second year then setting seed and dying. These perform best in a rich, moist soil.

Allow plants to form seed in the second year and they may self-sow to produce future generations.

Plants may need to be staked. 


Caution: Toxic is eaten 


Blooming Season 


Light Level

Full to Partial Sun


90-120cm (36-48'') 


30-60cm (12-24”)


30-45cm (12-18”)

Zone (If applicable)



Tall blooming, attracts bees, hummingbirds and butterflies