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SUMMER HARVEST. Charmant cabbage seeds offer excellent eating quality with a sweet flavour. The dense, smooth heads are medium-green with a creamy, yellow-white interior and weigh 1.5-3kg (3-6lb). Plants stand for weeks without splitting so there is no rush to harvest. This is convenient for the market grower as well as the home gardener. Transplant or thin a bit closer together in the row, and the heads will be smaller. For the largest heads, give each plant ample space and rich, fertile soil. The flavour of this variety is exceptional, and will enhance any meal.

Matures in 66 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Sweet flavour
    • Dense, smooth, medium-green
    • Stand for weeks without splitting
    • Suited to close spacing for smaller heads
    • Matures in 66 days

Sow 3 or 4 seeds per pot, 5mm (¼”) deep, under very bright light. Thin to the strongest plant. Space transplants 45-60cm (18-24″) apart in rows 60-90cm (24-36″) apart.