'Bur' Oak Tree


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Bur oak is a large, deciduous tree with a very wide, open crown. Usually wider than tall, the tree can exceed 100 ft. in height and width. The massive trunk supports heavy, horizontal limbs and rough, deep-ridged bark.

It is also well-adapted to the climate of its native range with its humid summers and subzero winters. 

Leaves up to 9 inches long with a central midrib from which branch veins lead into rounded lobes.

Acorns are distinguished by very deep fringed cups, are the largest of all native oaks. The common name (sometimes spelled "Burr") describes the cup of the acorn, which slightly resembles the spiny bur of a chestnut.


Blooming Season 


Light Level

Full Sun


177- 288cm (70-90 ft) 


152- 288cm (60-90ft) 


190-288cm (75-90ft) 

Zone (If applicable)



 Hardy, tolerates